Monday, February 13, 2012

52 Date Ideas!

I went to another school today to photography the lil' kiddos.  I photographed 390 people!  There were three boys I believe brother's, because they had the same last name, which wasn't a common last name at this school.  Anyway, their first names are, and I swear I am not making this up, they are named An, Long, Dong!!!!!!  How could parents' do that to their children?

But on to my DIY.  I worked on my Valentine's Day gift today!  My gift to my hubby is going to be a playing deck of 52 date ideas.  Woooh!  That was a lot of dates to come up with!  I tried to come up with date ideas for things we already want to do, and dates we already enjoy going on.  I also tried to keep the ideas semi-general so they would be easy to adapt to whatever is going on in our lives when we get to that card.  
Begin by painting the back of a deck of playing cards.  I picked white, but whatever color will complement your card stock will do.  I had to apply several coats of paint to cover up the awful 'art' on the back of my cards.  While the cards dried I cut out pink card stock to fit on the back of the playing cards.  2" by 3" worked for my cards.  Then I punched out hearts from the center of the card stock with a Martha Stewart Heart Punch.  Once I was happy with the white on the back of the cards I glued the card stock down.  Finally I added our date ideas written in Sharpie colored fine tip pens.

The idea is that we will take turns picking cards and planning out a date for the other person.  I used the orange card stock to designate the cards I will use for our weekend trip ideas.  

Here is our list of 52 Dates:
1. Jasmine's & a movie
2. White Clay Creek & picnic
3.  cook & play board games together
4. live music
5 & 6. Weekend trip to NYC
7. Day trip to DC
8. Day trip to Lancaster
9. Shopping trip for Aaron
10. Shopping trip for Christine
11.  Bowling & charcoal pit
12. cooking & gardening
13. cooking & dvds 
14. buy a dog!
15. buy a house!
16.  Fun in Philadelphia
17.  Panera Bread & a long walk
18. Pure Bread & a long drive
19. Try a new restaurant!
20.  Buy a cat!
21.  Johnny's Dogs & buy a new bed
22. Ikea for a couch
23.  Stoney's for dinner
24.  Make cookies & play video games
25.  Lucky's & a movie
26.  Dogfish Head Restaurant
27.  A day out on the beach, fries & ice cream!
28.  Carnival
29 & 30. Weekend trip to the beach
31. Cook & color together
32. Order in & and make something together
33. Volunteer together at the DCH (DE center for horticulture)
34 & 35. Weekend camping trip
36.  Buy bikes & go for a ride!
37.  Go to wildwood!
38 & 39.  Go thrift shopping, and find a project to do together
40.  Day trip to Baltimore try a restaurant & museum  
41.  Melting Pot
42.  Go to the Zoo!
43.  Brandywine Creek Park & Ice cream
44.  Horseback riding
45.  Try a new Restaurant in Philadelphia
46.  Frolic & Rita's
47.  Try a meal crawl!
48.  Day Trip to NYC for museum
49.  Cooking & Wii
50.  Hair cut & movies
51.  live music
52.  Cook & house project

Hope ya'll enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!