Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Card

This is my Valentine's Day card to my sweetie.  I started by using my x-acto knife to cut out a heart in wax paper.  I should have used freezer paper, but I read on the internet that I could use wax paper.  That's what I get trusting what I read on the internet! :)  Wax paper doesn't stick when you try to iron it down.  My solution was to get out some 3M Spray Mount, and to spray just a super light coat on the wax paper.  

Then I pressed it down on a piece of handmade paper.  I painted the heart in white, and peeled the stencil off.  Worked out great!

I also cut out a chevron design from a piece of wax paper, and used the same technique to apply it to the first heart.  Before I placed the wax paper down I waited for the white paint to dry, and I torn the paper down to size.  I used a ruler as a straight edge, and just peeled the paper off.  Than I mixed up some light blue paint, and filled in my chevron stripes!  

I peeled off the wax paper, threw it away, and wow is this heart cute!  

To finish it off I glued it on top of another piece of handmade paper.  The first sheet of paper is made from a pulp of garden weeds and junk mail, and the bottom sheet is from my crayon paper project.  

Here's the back side.  I like to write my messages out, but you could always use a stamp.  

Hope you enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!  chris