Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Clipboard Love.

Clipboard art again!  This design is a lot more mature than the back is.  I was only able to put about an hour and an half into my DIY today.  That's disappointing, but I am super happy with the way it looks right now, so if taking my time with it means it turns out better, than it's well worth it.  Here is an over head pic of my progress:

A little less glare:

I'm really proud of this corner.  I started off here, and I'm happy with how successful I was getting the design under the clip part of the clipboard.  I sometimes struggle with making my patterns random rather than repetitive.  Repetitive is beautiful and has it's place, but sometimes a random pattern just brings an extra layer of cleverness.  It keeps your eye moving through out the pattern, but it shouldn't overwhelm the viewer.  There should be a continuous flow to the randomness of the pattern.  

This is my box of drawing pens or specialty pens.  So far I've used my black fine point Sharpie, and red Stabilo OHPen permanent fine tip.  

I work again tomorrow, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get finished.  We'll see, and happy DIYing!  chris