Friday, February 24, 2012

Growing Ginger

I have this great book called Don't Throw It, Grow It.  It has 68 different windowsill plants grown from kitchen scraps!  Today i tried the directions for growing ginger.  I had some left over ginger that I wasn't able to use before it started growing.

Though you don't have to wait until your ginger is growing like mine to try out this simple DIY.

All you have to do is grab a shallow dish with drainage holes.  My holes are really large, so I used this piece of handmade cabbage paper to cover them up.  I tore off two pieces.

Then I placed them over the holes.

Next, I filled the dish up 2/3 of the way with regular soil, and then I placed the ginger on top of the dirt.

I watered the little guy.

Then I placed him under my grow light.  No photos of the lights, but I use two ikea FOTO aluminum pendant lamps with 65 watt compact fluorescent full spectrum photo bulbs.  I've had great luck with just one of these guys, and just recently up it to two lights.  

This is my little garden.  A Gerbera Daisy (in a DIY planter), an orchid (no clue what kind), some tiny cacti, and our newest addition the ginger!  

Happy DIYing! chris


katiesbigsister said...

I love this! I'm agonna plant my ginger extras next time I buy ginger. Can you do the same thing with onions, garlic, or potatoes?

Unknown said...

Hey mamie! You can definitely plant the onion and garlic together, and shallots work well too!

I haven't tried the potato but my book (don't throw it, grow it!) says they'll grow pretty purple flowers. Just use a six inch deep pot, and plant the a small potato with buds sprouting about an inch under the soil. Or you can cut an eye off of a potato and let it dry overnight, then place on the surface of some soil in a container large enough for the eye. <3 chris!