Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Planner

For my Saturday Blogger Lover I was inspired by Cornflower Blue Studio's Goal DIY Rotating Goal List this week.  I started a little late, so I didn't finish the project on saturday, or get this posted quite in time.  

I've been in desperate need to get organized with my blog!  So instead of a goal list, I'm making a weekly blog planner.  But you could make this planner for anything you need help being organized about!  I started by placing seven post-it notes on my sheet of paper, and traced them with a ruler and pencil.  

Then I went over the squares with a black sharpie, and erased the pencil marks.  Second I used a letter stencil to write out 'my weekly blog planner' across the top.  I filled in the letters on 'weekly' and 'planner', and thickened the lines on 'my' and 'blog'.  Then I used some stamps to label each box with a day of the week.  I know traditionally weeks run from Sunday to Saturday on a calendar, but I liked separating the days up this way. 

  I finished by drawing a quilt pattern in tuesday's box, and coloring it in with colored pencils.  Then drawing a scalloped edge around the box.  

I think I'll make more patterns in at least a couple more days tomorrow.  I plan on using post-it notes on each day so I can change them each week.  This is only temporary, until I get the materials to make something more permanent, and not as wasteful as using a post-it note every single day.  Hope ya'll enjoyed!  Happy DIYing!  chris