Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Owl Birthday Card!

Today is my stepdad's 65th birthday!  Which of course makes today's DIY a handmade birthday card.  I love owls! I often resort to making an owl birthday card for no particularly good reason, other than to make an owl.  

I started off making my card by drawing a template on plain paper, and cutting out the different pieces needed to make the owl.  I then cut out the pieces, picked out the paper I wanted to use, and then used the template to cut out all the pieces for the various sheets of paper.  Once I got all my pieces cut out I picked a thick piece of handmade paper.  Using a ruler and a bone folder I made a crease along the middle, and then folded the paper in half.  Then I started gluing my owl down.  Starting with the body, then the eyes and the bottom belly piece.

Then I glued down the two middle eye pieces, the nose, the forehead/ear piece, and the two feet.

Next I glued down two more pieces for the belly, and now you have an awesome owl card!

I wrote 'Happy Birthday' out by hand on the front.  I like the uneven spacing and the way the lettering turned out, but if you want something more precise you could use a stamp.

This is the inside of my card.  I made up the wording myself, and printed it off from my computer.  Then I cut it out, and glued it down.  Andy, my stepdad got a bit of a chuckle out of it, so I was pleased.  :)

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday, happy DIYing!  chris


david said...

Chris, another great project with repurposed paper. Melinda and I loved the cards you made with the wall paper.
Happy leap day.

Unknown said...

@david Thanks David! Love you guys, and Aaron and I miss you bunches!