Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Wrap Up & Seedling Update

Happy Leap Day!  I'm sorry I didn't plan any awesome Leap Day DIYs!  I love The Dainty Squid's jumping photos!  I want to share photos of my seedling's progress in their paper pulp cups.  I made seed cups out of paper pulp in muffin tins at the end of January.  

This is how the cups looked fresh out of the oven (right), and this is how they look with tomatoes, and broccoli, and cabbage growing in them.  

This is what my little indoor garden currently looks like.  

Now for my February Recap! I completed 23 projects this month.  Here are a few of my favorites.  
I love the Kitten Shelf I made for my cutie Cricket Chicken.  I also made her a cat hat!

Replanted Cacti together.  Besides the seeds I started I only did one other gardening project this month.  I planted a bit of a ginger root that was growing in my kitchen.  
I cooked up some yummy Chili, cereal killer cookies, and root veggie soup.  I also shared how to store your unused cilantro, and some of my cute bento-inspired lunches.
This is the Valentine's Day Card I made for my husband.  My other Valentine's Day inspired crafts included a heart stick coaster, and 52 Date Idea Cards.
I did a series on Paper Making, with pulp ideasdrying techniques, and what to do with all that handmade paper.
 I made some earrings out of yarn, and another pair with Mardi Gras beads.    I also used the fun yarn to make pencil toppers.
I drew on this clipboard, made a blog planner, and jazzed up a large candle.  I also made an owl birthday card!
Happy Leap Day Blog People!  For the love of blogs I made my first outfit post inspired by some lovely blogging ladies out there.  ((I need to add more to my ever growing bloglovin' list!))

Hope ya'll enjoy! Happy DIYing, chris.