Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seedling Progress

Hey ya'll just checking in with a seedling update today.  When I planted those seedlings back in February, I planted either two or three seedlings of each variety.  Today I picked the best seedling for each type of veggie, and then I planted them in slightly larger containers than their little paper cups.  Aaron is in charge of making the garden decisions in this family, I just enjoy playing in the dirt!  

Since I didn't want to move my little guys around too much I used a large plastic tote to transplant them in.  If you are noticing that I used cacti/citrus soil, it's not something I did intentionally or would suggest, I'm just cheap and didn't feel like buying more soil.  :)   I wish we had a compost pile to use, but that is something we are working on.  This bag of soil was left over from my cacti project from a while back.  I transplanted the seedlings into small plastic containers from the dollar store.  We bought them about three years ago for this purpose.  We just grabbed whatever container we could find, and popped a hole through the bottom when we got them home.  

I filled the container with soil, and then made a small well or bowl in the middle for the seedling.  I then carefully peeled the paper off of the seedling.  

Then, I placed the seedling in the well I made in the soil, and added some soil to the top to fill in the edges.  

When I was finished with my first set I watered everyone, and placed them back under their grow light. 

I'm getting sleepy, and I still have more work I'd like to get done.  I also wanted to welcome all the new comers to 365 DIY, and thank you for coming by!  To all of those who are here on a return visit, thanks a ton for checking back in!  Hope ya'll enjoyed, and happy DIYing, chris!    


Jennifer said...

I have chosen your blog for a Liebster Award! Check my blogpost for the details. Great blog by the way. :o)

Unknown said...

@Jennifer Wow, thank you! I'd love to check out your blog, and find out more about the Liebster Award, but blogger is telling me your profile is private, and thus I'm not able to find your blog. :(