Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Wedding Guestbook

I talked about our wedding guestbook, in my post on Wednesday.  I showed some photos of our thumbprint tree, and a photo of Aaron's grandparent's looking at our guestbook, but today I want to share some photos of the actual book.  (if you'd like to catch up on the previous post in my One Year Wedding Anniversary check out our Wedding Ceremony, and you'll find the rest of the links there.  

Here is what the cover looked like, pretty boring, but what's in the book is what I added to jazz it up.  I went with a cheap guestbook, because I knew I was going to put a lot of work into personalizing it.  

I sent out a bunch of photos from both our childhoods, and our time dating to shutterfly, and had them print a bunch of 4x5 prints.  I used handmade and scrapbook paper to make irregular frames for each image I chose to use.  

I spent hours going through the photos and placing them in the book, before I carefully cut out their delicate frames, and glued them in place.  

I tried to match photos of Aaron and I at similar ages.

This is our mom page.  We are both close with our moms, and it was important for us to have a page special for them.  

Aaron has a ton of super cute kid photos, of him wearing the most adorable outfits with matching hats.  

We both had homemade halloween costumes.  Aaron's definitely steals the cake.  

Us with our families in our awkward teenage years. 

We both still make these faces.  I guess some things we never grow out of.  :)  Or like loving mac & cheese, or anything with melty cheese really!  

I thought it was perfect that our photographers signed this page, our only formal portraits I included.  Especially since I know them from work, and we are school photographers.  

Our sibling page.  Oh!  Completely unrelated, when I'm photographing kids and I come across someone with an unusual name, I usually ask if they have any siblings.  Ya know, cause I want to know how creative their parent's are. :)  However, I've been finding that loads of kids don't know what siblings are!!  I've asked kids between second and sixth grade, and I get these blank stares, or kids saying, 'huh, what do you mean?'.  

Our grandparent's, from our mother's side of the family.  My father's mother passed before I was born, and my father's father passed when I was 11 years old.  My stepfather's parent's passed when I was a teenager.  I don't have many photos of any of them.  I think I have one photo of me with my father's father.  

Aaron's father's parent's passed when he was a teenager too.  I thought this would be a great photo to commemorate them.  He grew up spending a lot of time at their house.  

One last photo of us being cute babies.  Hope you enjoyed.  Happy DIYing, chris!