Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Layer Up! Even in the Spring!

Who says you have to shed the layers in the Spring?  Personally, as a layer junkie, I never stop piling on the layers of fabric.  I love to blend different colors, textures, and patterns.  In the Spring, I am wearing just as many layers as in the Fall or Winter, but now my layers are made of light weight materials. For me layering is essential in the Spring and Summer.  As I move between air conditioned buildings and the hot humid outdoors, and deal with the ever fluctuating weather I like to be prepared.  I'd rather have too many layers on, and have to shed a few due to the heat, than to shiver my butt off.  

This outfit is a perfect example of my addiction to layering.  I have FIVE layers on, not including the leggings or cardigan!  I didn't wear the cardigan for most of the day, but shortly before we went for a walk we had a BIG thunderstorm.  Lots of rain and thunder, which made the temperature drop a few degrees.  I probably could have gone without the leggings too, but I have some unattractive poison ivy I'm trying to cover up.  Plus I don't like shaving my legs, when I have poison ivy rashes.  Thus, the leggings were a necessity today.  
I don't normally wear white.  I'm way too messy for white.  I bought this dress to wear in New Orleans on our Honeymoon.  I got a ton of compliments from strangers when I was wearing this dress.  I don't think I've ever received that many compliments before.  In my life, combined.  Maybe it was New Orleans, maybe it was this dress.  Either way I feel pretty when I wear it.  :)  Before the trip I thought I'd dye it when I got home, but I think I'll keep it white for now.  

I've had these shoes for a couple years now, and they only cost fourteen dollars.  Besides the one hole in the toe, they've held up great!  They even do well in the rain!  Even though everything was soaked, my feet made it through the neighborhood and home dry.  Whenever I go to shoe stores they always try to sell me those little peep-toe socks.  I take personal offense when this happens.  I feel like they are passive aggressively telling me they don't think it's 'cool' to see my socks.  I like my mismatched socks! And no, thank you sales-girl, I would not like to hid my fun socks in my shoes!

 Cardigan -- H&M
Top Three Layers -- Macy's
Bottom Three Layers (blue & pink slips) -- Vintage thrifted in Shoreditch, London
Black Leggings -- Target
Shoes -- Dirty Laundry

You can kind of see all five layers here.  The top three are white, then a blue slip, and on the bottom a pink slip.  I love this cardigan, it's a bit baggy, but I love the color.  It matches my eyes.  Ick! I was just looking at my hair in this photo, and I need those slit-ends removed, badly!  A.S.A.P.
It's been really rainy here lately.  I feel like every week for the last month has been overcast and damp, and the weekends have been sunny and humid.  I love thunderstorms in the Spring.  We get a lot of residual rains from the hurricanes in the south.  The wind changes frantically, and there is a yellow/greenish haze to the sky, then all of a sudden the rains rush in, and you can taste the ocean on the rain.  There is an energy in the air that can't be described, but it's thrilling, and whenever I'm away from the mid-atlantic area I miss this weather.  Hope everyone is have a great week thus far!  Happy DIYing, chris.