Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hand Painted Dough Ornaments

So remember the dough ornaments I made on tuesday?  Well today I started painting them.  I used some acrylic paint, and some block printing ink.  Only because this is the paint I have in the house.  The acrylic paint worked perfectly though.  It dried quickly, and went on easily, but the printmaking ink was a bit thick, and took awhile to dry.  I might consider buying more acrylic paint to finish this project.  

The dino on the left I painted with just the acrylic paint, and the more blue dinosaur I mixed the two colors together.  

Then to make the duo look like a pair I covered them with black polka dots.  I used black fabric paint, and a paperclip to apply the paint.  

He's cute!  I haven't decided yet if we want to spend the money on a Christmas tree yet, but this guy is making me think it might help get us in the holiday spirit.  

A perfect pair.  Just like my hubby and I.  :) That back one is a little sad though.  He can't stand up too well.  Good thing I plan on hanging them up.  I might varnish them too.  Give them a little sheen, and help their paint job last a little longer.  I'm sure there will be more painted dough ornaments leading up to Christmas.  Who knows they might even get to spend some time on a live Christmas tree.  

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!