Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Seedlings of 2013

Aaron and I finally got a few seeds started for this years outside garden.  I saw this idea on pinterest to use gallon milk jugs to start seeds.  We drink a lot of milk, so we've been saving the containers every time we finish one off.  As we collected the jugs we'd wash them out with hot water and a little bit of soap.  Before we got started today we removed as much of the labels as we could scrap off.  

Next we used a box cutter to cut a hole in the milk jugs about 3 - 4 inches from the bottom, or just below the bottom of the handle.  Then we used the scissors to cut the container in half, but leaving about an inch still connected.  

Then we filled it most of the way with soil, add the desired about of seeds, and watered.  

We finished off the project by taping the top half to the bottom with clear packing tape.  We also labeled each jug with the type of plant, and date using a fine point sharpie.  We planted mustard seeds, cauliflower, leeks, onion, swiss chard, early hanover melon, and broccoli.  

They are sitting in out back yard against the house, because that happens to be the sunniest part of our yard.  I hope they do well out there.  We got our first snow several hours after we sat them outside, but from what I read they should survive.  I can't wait to be planting our seedlings in the ground!  Happy gardening, chris!