Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitchen Touches

Our kitchen needs a major make-over, though that's not currently in the budget.  So until then we have a few personal touches we've added to make it more livable.  We are limited on counter space so it's important to us not to clutter it too much with kitchen gadgets.  

This is most of our countertop real-estate.  We use our cutting boards almost daily, so they need to be easily accessible.  I keep the oversized mugs around, because they bring all our colors together.  I like having the Kitchen Aid between the oven and sink, so this corner is perfect.  The toaster works next to the coffee maker, and the bread drawer is in that corner too.  Then the most essential kitchen tool for the kick start we need to every day: the coffee mugs, sugar, coffee maker, and the coffee.  Gotta have those ready to go at all times.  Our last necessary item -- our compost bin.  I'm obsessed with feeding this thing, so he needs to be out, and ready to eat.  Sorry I tend to anthropomorphize everyday things. Life is more fun when you pretend EVERYTHING is a living breathing thing with feelings.  

I knew I didn't want a knife block clogging up my counter top, so a magnetic knife rack was the way to go.  We recently bought this from Ikea, and it looks great on our wall.  I love our heart spatula up there too.  

We also bought this lack shelf on our trip to Ikea.  Now my cookbooks have a place to live.  The Kurig we got from my mom, because it was recalled.  So she got a knew one, and gave us the faulty one.  We just have to be sure not to keep our face or hands over the appliance while it's on, otherwise we could possibly get our faces melted off by escaping steam.  The yellow dude is our popcorn maker.  Aaron received that from Santa.  Extra dangerous!  I'm pretty sure that man would try to live off of only popcorn if he could.  

Our other purchase from Ikea, this grundtal bar.  It's a pain in the arse keeping all our pots and pans stacked on top of each other, so this pot rack is a lifesaver.  And yes, that is our washing and drying machines in our kitchen.  They are one of the big reasons our kitchen needs to be remodeled.  

We also bought a smaller lack shelf, and two spice racks we plan on installing above the pot rack.  Slowly but surely our house is coming together, and starting to look like a home.  I can't wait until we are able to tear the wood paneling down.  This place will rock one day.  Happy DIYing, chris!