Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thrifting and Nails

My husband and I save our change.  We keep vintage tins on our dresser for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  We'll save our change all year, or for two years until the penny jar fills up, because it's always the first to fill up.  Then when that day comes we roll up all our saved coinage, and exchange it for paper bills.  We usually end up with a nice little stash of cash.  Yesterday we decided that day had come, and set to work.  We came up with $113!!! With our new windfall we agreed it was high time we bought ourselves an actual coffee table.  We are currently using a trunk, and it would be nice to have something we could put our feet under.  Or even better yet a drawer we could hide our remotes in.  So today we went on a hunt for that perfect coffee table we've been dreaming of.  

I was hoping to be sharing our great find with ya'll today, but no such luck.  Darn!  We did check out some awesome antique/second-hand type stores, and though we didn't find a coffee table we did find a nightstand for Aaron.  We were really pleased with this find.  Now we can return the folding chair we were borrowing from my parents.  Though now I feel like we have to find Aaron a table lamp, and that wasn't previously on my Desired Furniture list for the house.  

The furniture hunting took up most of our day.  By the time we got home it was almost time for dinner, and Aaron and I have plans to go out tonight.  We are going to see The Spinto Band play at a bar in Philadelphia.  I went to college with a couple of the guys in the band, and I've seen them play a few times.  Their shows were always a blast, so when I heard they were having a record release show in Philly I knew I wanted to be there.  

So when I got home today I decided it was a good idea to fix the nail polish paint job I did on Valentine's Day.  I didn't think it was completely awful.  I liked the color combo a lot, but the hearts were mega messy.  Actually when I pinned a photo from that post, I immediately got a wretched comment saying "there are some things we shouldn't try doing ourselves"!    I try not to let that sort of thing get to me, and I know that paint job wasn't my best work, but that comment hurt.  A lot.  Some people can be horrible, especially on the internet.  I know I'm no pro at painting my nails, but I'm trying, and practice makes perfect (or at least better).  So I'm thankful for those of you who stick by during my nail fails.  I hope to get better one day, but like they say you have to fail at something to get good at it.  

I used the same colors as the previous nail job.  Though I skipped using the markers, I think they bleed too easily.  I also used a little dry glitter and clear polish on the heart on my ring finger.  I need to buy a new nail art pen, I think the old one rain out of ink.  I want to try a different brand.  Do you use nail art pens, and have a brands you'd recommend?  I'd love to hear all about your favorite polishes!    

Have a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!