Sunday, February 17, 2013


Sundays at my house are usually filled with sleeping in, running errands/thrifting, washing laundry, and planning for the week ahead.  Today we continued our search for a coffee table.  We tried out some chain furniture stores like Ashley Furniture, and Raymour & Flannigan.  Ashley was ultra expensive.  I mean mega overpriced, even with their holiday sales, or off the floor scratched models.  Compare the prices on those pieces to the tables we found at second-hand stores and there isn't a comparison hands down I'd go for the second hand stores.  When thrifting I have better luck finding coffee tables that are my style, and of higher quality then the ones at the box furniture stores.  Plus I can't turn down the offer to go green!    At Raymour & Flannigan the prices were similar to the thrift stores, but we didn't enjoy the high pressure sales people following us around, and the quality in the furniture was lacking.  When we were done at those places we grabbed lunch, and as we were finishing lunch it started snowing heavily.  So we hurried home, and I got the laundry started, and did some light picking up around the house.  I have a ton of reading I'd like to get done, but I keep getting sucked into the internet and TV.  

My Real Simple subscription is piling up.  I want to finish Gaia's Garden before spring gets here, and it is rapidly approaching!  I'm borrowing A Clash of Kings from my good buddy, which makes me want to hurry to read it.  Plus the first book was so good, I want to know what happens next!  

I've also been doing a lot of garden planning, and a big part of that is observing what is currently there, and what is happening in our back and front yard.  Here is my drawing of our property.  Not completely accurate, but it helps Aaron and I to start brainstorming together.  There is a lot of planning and observing that goes into a great garden.  

Hope ya'll had a great weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!