Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wooden Skewer Wreath

I was rummaging around in my craft room today, and I came across this hand full of wooden skewers.  I started playing around with them on the floor, and came up with this shape.

I attached the pieces together by wrapping embroidery thread around them tightly.  I immediately decided this looks like it could become a wreath, so I set to work attaching more pieces.  I started by creating a triangle at one of the points with a new skewer, and attaching it with a dab from a hot glue gun.  

I continued attaching more skewers at every point, until I had a second layer of skewers all the way around.

Then I repeated that over and over until I used up all my skewers.  

I designated a point to be the top, and tied a short strand of embroidery thread, and then hung it on my door.  

I love the simplicity of the way the skewers all nest together.  I might dress this up in some way for spring, but for now I'm going to admire it's natural beauty.  

Happy DIYing, chris!


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