Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Pop Of Color

For this DIY I took the white plastic bow hair clip seen in this Photo An Hour, and this outfit post.  I got the barrett as a gift with a purchase from ModCloth.  

This is the paint and brush I used.  I used that tin lid as a paint tray.  

I painted the middle band, and the inside of the bow for a pop of color.  I needed to paint two coats to cover the white plastic.  I'm not much of an all white kind of girl.  I'm loving this green color recently.  I have tons of things in this color or similar shades, so I thought it would be this DIY.  Any color would look great!  You could even play with making polka dots or stripes.  

Then I varnished the painted areas.  I probably should have used a high gloss since the plastic is so shiny, but I rarely like to use anything but satin. Just my personal taste though.  

This is what it looks like on now.  Yay, totally me.  Hope ya'll enjoyed, happy DIYing, chris!