Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding Ceremony Decor

Back to the One Year Wedding Anniversary Series!  Today I'm sharing with ya'll the way I decorated for the ceremony.  If you'd like to catch up on my previous post in the series you can start with How We Met, then Our Wedding Stationary, Cupcake Toppers, and Wedding Decor.  Hope you enjoy!

Photo taken by Kaelyn Michaels Ryan
We held the ceremony in a historical Quaker church.  I love how the pews are curved.  I made the bunting with scrapbook paper.  I cutout triangles, and then folded the top half inch over baby yarn, and glued them in place.  I made three sections, reaching about ten feet in length.  My friends helped wrap tulle around the top of the banister. 

Photo taken by Kaelyn Michaels Ryan
We bought these paper lanterns and ribbon at the dollar store!  My mom made the bows, and my friends help hang them on the pews.  I should have bought those plastic picnic tablecloth clips to hold them in place, but I really thought they would easily hang there.  My friends worked really hard to keep them in place for me, they were awesome!  

Photo taken by Kaelyn Michaels Ryan
This is our altar. We did a unity candle, but I bought the cheapest candles and stands I could find.  I made a cute matchstick holder, so we wouldn't have an ugly matchbox sitting there.  You can check out this tutorial, if you'd like to see how I made my matchstick holder.  My mother-in-law, who married us contributed that lovely seashell with the stand, we used it to drop the used matchsticks in.  As part of the ceremony Aaron's mom wrapped the ribbon around our wrist as a symbol of everlasting bond.  Luckily the table and lace came with the location!  

Photo taken by Kaelyn Michaels Ryan
This was the vestibule where everyone entered the church, and I placed our programs and some tissues there.  I bought a basket at the dollar store.  Printed out some 'programs', cut out the letters, and carefully tied them together with sewing thread.  I added the heart at the top, and wrote 'help yourself' on it.  

Photo taken by Kaelyn Michaels Ryan
 I made the programs by printing out the middle pages from my computer.  Then cutting scrapbook paper to the same size the the book pages.  Once I paired all the pages up I poked two holes half an inch in, and then ran some baby yarn through to tie it all together.  

Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend!  I'm going to try to get all my post done for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday on Saturday while Aaron is at work.  Wish me luck!  :)  Happy DIYing, chris


Tyann said...

What size paper lanterns did you use for this?