Saturday, September 8, 2012

This Is Me #13

Last week I was happy to have a break from my Saturday series This Is Me.  Which made me think, if I'm not enjoying a series, why keep at it?  I should revel in everything I create for my blog.  So it got me thinking about how much I enjoy putting together a fun outfit, and sharing my style with ya'll in outfit posts.  In a way sharing outfit photos are still in line with the idea of This Is Me, but instead of five tidbits about myself, I'll share photos of myself.  

Romper -- Urban Outfitters
Tank Top -- Target
Stockings --  Urban Outfitters
Necklace -- Handmade DIY
Belt -- Target
Braided Bracelet -- Handmade DIY
Yellow Bracelet -- inherited from my step-grandmother
Ring -- Forever 21
Cowboy Boots -- Cowtown, NJ

When I saw this romper at Urban Outfitters I was drawn to the fabric immediately.  I love the color, and the pattern is fantastic.  I was hesitant to try it on though, because I don't usually wear short shorts, and though I love the look of rompers, I never thought I had the right build to pull them off.  I tried it on, and I really liked it, but I decided not to buy it.  Then I spent a week thinking about it, and when I found myself back in Urban Outfitters I knew I had to get it.  I bought it to wear on my honeymoon in New Orleans (April 2011).  

I wore it on the honeymoon, but felt a bit naked the whole time.  The shorts are mega short, and the top is way low cut.  When I got home it got hung in the closet, and hadn't made it's way out since.  I've thought about, and I've even tried it on occasionally, but I never felt comfortable or appropriate in it.  

After I got home from working on the house today I wanted to put on something that would make me feel stylish and pretty.  This romper did just that, and I found a way to wear this without feeling totally exposed.  Pulling on some dark stockings underneath helped keep the shorts in place, and my thick thighs covered up.  I also wore a tank top underneath because otherwise my bra would show in the front, and with the tank top in place I didn't need to worry about showing more than I wanted to.  The dark belt helped break up the top and bottom of the romper.  I love my cowboy boots and accessories with this look, they all play off each other so well.  

Do you have any piece of clothing you don't feel comfortable in, but love anyway?  I dare you to experiment with restyling it.  Who knows you might even find a way to feel amazing wearing it!  Have a lovely weekend, and happy DIYing, chris!