Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Wrap-up

I think May went by even faster than April!  I can't believe we are at the end of the month already.  Just like every other month I had a million and one things I wanted to accomplish, and I only got the smallest fraction done.  I pledged to do more DIYs this month, and I did more than the previous month, but still only accomplished seven.  Damn!  Though the quality of these DIYs are through the roof, so I guess I didn't do too bad.  :) Today I'm going to share some of my favorite posts from this month.  

I love this hammerhead dip dyed t-shirt.  It definitely got me in a fabric paint kind of mood.  I also painted some amazing sailboats on a pair of black leggings. 

I'm wearing this rock necklace all the time.  This might be my favorite DIY ever.  I didn't pay a penny for any of the materials, and it looks AMAZING.  Can't get much better than that!  Though my ModCloth barrette DIY runs a close second, I only had to by the paint, and that was only sixty cents!  Other DIYs I did this month include a card I made for Aaron's birthday, which was May first.  I made a tutorial on how to make patterns in GIMP.  I also showed how I store my pens & markers.  

Of course I also baked Aaron a cake for his birthday, don't you love the mini happy birthday bunting?  We also made some salsa to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  

I made Strawberry Butter and Double Decker Oreo Fudge for Mother's day.  Then for Memorial Day I threw together a Peanut Butter Nutella Brownie Trifle. I know, everything but the kitchen sink!  On the more simple side of things, I cooked up a simple fruit cup, and a homegrown salad and a simple chicken with a creamy dijon mustard sauce.  

We didn't do much on the gardening front this month.  I say 'we', because all my gardening involves the mister, he's our garden guru.  I shared some photos of our kohlrabi and broccoli plants.  We planted them earlier, I think back in April, but that was apparently too late.  They have the tiniest of broccoli heads right now.   I tried my hand at starting some onion and garlic in pebbles.  Sadly, they just ended up rotting, icky!  Though, as you can see in the photo below all the seeds we started in the paper pulp cups are growing like gang busters!  I posted an update on those planties here.  

We got a dog this month!  His name is Moose.  We go on lots of mushroom hunting walks with him.  He's the cutest thing, and we just want to eat him up!  :)  We also went to a dog show, totally fun, next we'll bring Moose.

I guess with all the DIY, garden, and food photography I've been pining to get back to my roots with some good old fashioned macro nature shots.  I posted some lovely plant pics with some self reflecting, and thoughts on blogging.  

Another post with thoughts on blogging, and some black and white film photos.  

I also made a post of all my fave photos from the past couple years.  There are some lovely photos in that bunch, definitely worth checking out.  :)

I've managed to sneak in a total of four outfit pics.  I like taking these photos more than I feel comfortable admitting.  :)  On some days I wish I could take and post outfit pics everyday.  Chictopia is just as addictive as Pinterest.  This outfit is a perfect reflection of me in the spring/summer.  

I also showed how us layer addicts don't have to give up our love for layers just because the temperatures rise.  I posted how I wore my sailboat legging DIY, and a cute simple spring/summer outfit

One last post I totally enjoyed writing this month, was my post on street fashion photography and the FSA, the photo below was taken by Dorothea Lange.  

Hope ya'll enjoyed May, and I can't wait to kick off June with another Fun Friday Fascinations!  Aaron and I have a fun weekend planned.  Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Vermont, because Peter Dinklage is giving the commencement speech at my alma mater, Bennington College, and we are big Dinklage fans.  Ever since I saw him in Station Agent I've had the ever growing crush on him.  Then Game of Thrones started, and boy oh boy is a handsome fellow!  I hope we can get a picture with him.  :)  Hope ya'll have a great weekend!  The blog will be on autopilot, so don't worry there will still be posts to read.  Happy DIYing, chris!